Wednesday, February 27, 2019

TRR March, 2019 Contest Answer

     It's that time of the year again for a contest. On March 19th, I'll be giving away an autographed copy of my latest Sinners book, The Heart of a Sinner, in The Romance Reviews spring contest. Here is the answer: D Matt's Sister-in-law. Good luck in the drawing. This book has been getting excellent reviews. to enter.
     Speaking of reviews, I mentioned last month trying a new review service similar to NetGalley but cheaper.  Buzz Marketing promised ten impartial reviews within a month for $125 or my money back.  The reviews did not come in as a deluge but one by one slowly, then picking up speed and still coming in. They are generally well written and more than a few words, mostly four and five stars for the above title which I feel it merits, but then, I am the author. Of course there was one sort of puzzling review, not bad exactly, but the only person to give it three stars, though she mentioned it should be 3.5. I couldn't figure out what she didn't like about the story except that it was complicated and she hated a character she was meant to hate. Anyhow, I appreciate that she wrote a review. I learned years ago that my books will not be to everyone's taste. Though I did get some NetGalley reviews, this seems the better bargain financially.
      My new historical title, Lady Flora's Rescue, will be up for grabs on NetGalley in March, just for a week, which I do not know. Please keep an eye out for your chance to get a free read. I might also submit to Buzz Marketing again. Sad that trying to get reviews costs more more than I make on my books. However, I did see a small uptick in sales that I believe are the consequences of these reviews as I reached new readers, a good result.