Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Generally, I write two books a year whether anyone wants them or not. Takes me from three months to six to complete a novel depending on how much research I must do or the length of the book. So, what do I do with the other three months? Catch up on neglected household chores for one thing. ( I really must see about the leaking washing machine-just laying towels on the floor to sop up the water every time I do a load is not a good alternative.) Work in my garden-if the two flats of snapdragons I bought two weeks ago while fine tuning the last book are still alive. Research my next historical novel. What do I know about painters of the early nineteenth century? Not much, though I do paint and took the obligatory art history course that went with my liberal arts degree and enjoyed it. Maybe the hero should have some other occupation to save time. No, I have a whole month to learn about this. Go for it.
I also try to complete a book before the holidays set in so my time is free to bake cookies not on my diet, shop for gifts online and off, and roast that turkey because the whole family will be home. I take time to enjoy them, too, and all the chaos that comes with having a houseful of people. Writing isn't everything. Remember that.
This year, I finished my WIP earlier than expected, but didn't want to start anything new until after Christmas, so instead rewrote two of my older unsold works using all I have learned since getting two books published. They are much improved, I think, but then, I liked them in the first place. Thanksgiving looms ahead, and I am free and clear - except I just got word that Kicks for a Sinner goes to editing next week. Hmmm, pass the gravy and a batch of sticky notes, please, and hope I get the edits done before Christmas.