Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dreams Deferred

     Some of you might have noticed I have only six regular followers of my blog, no surprise to me as I don't follow anyone else. Just so many blogs, and I don't have time to read them all, but I am gratified when anyone takes the time to read mine, usually about one hundred people a month. That does't make me any great shakes as a blogger, but I am complimented that anyone takes the time to do it.
     Recently, I lost one of my six followers, a person I knew, Robin Emerson. Robin was president of the Randolph Writers of Asheboro, North Carolina, when we met. My mother lived in that town, and once when I visited there, I contacted Robin about giving my Adventures in e-Publishing speech when my first book, Goals for a Sinner, came out six years ago. Her group listened attentively, asked good questions, bought a few copies, and then regaled me with a wonderful spread of Southern cooking. Robin at the time was working on an historical novel.
      We stayed in touch through Facebook and had lunch together when I visited Asheboro again. Meanwhile, her dream of getting published faded. I don't believe she ever completed her book. Instead, she started a small business making the most delightful tutus for little girls that turned them into fairy princesses. When we spoke, I assured her she'd make more money in tutus than in being published. I intended to order one of her creations when my new granddaughter was old enough to wear one. That was never to be.
      Robin went in for routine gall bladder surgery. Terrible complications ensued that brought her to death's door more than once over the next few months and finally claimed her life. I can only say she is now free of pain and suffering, but oh, how I wish she'd completed her book and self-published if she couldn't find a publisher. I know her family would have appreciated her creative effort, just as they did those lovely tutus often modeled by her beloved granddaughters.
      I suppose what I want to say is be careful of how long you defer your dream to complete your book. At a recent signing and many times before, I've had people say they have a story they want to tell but feel they are too old to get started. I often give the old Ann Landers answer. "How old will you be next year if you don't start." We can have dreams at any age. I beg you not to defer them. Get to work if you want to write a book and finish it! Leave your story for your family if no one else.
      I'm by no means young, but it does look at if I will have three titles out this year. The Courville Rose, my ghost story, found a publisher and will be out this spring. A Will of her Own is up for pre-sale now on Amazon and Barnes& and comes out on Friday. While unknowingly suffering from walking pneumonia, I completed the first edits of An Ashy Affair before dragging myself off to a doctor. With all that in the bag, I can rest and recuperate now, but I am so glad I persevered in pursuing my dream to be a published author.