Monday, December 12, 2011


I am among those authors who believe if you sit waiting for inspiration to come or a muse to tap you on the shoulder, you will get hemorrhoids before that happens. I don't believe in inspiration so much as ideas, and ideas are everywhere. The Sinners football series grew out of watching the Panthers lose the Super Bowl way back in 2004. The newest in that series, Kicks for a Sinner, due out in January, developed from watching games where the final score depends on a field goal.
Recently, I had problems with my garbage pickup. Just trying to get a new trashcan became a two month struggle with the powers that be. This evolved into my latest WIP, A Trashy Affair, a light-hearted romance despite the tongue-in-cheek title. One of these days, I will write about about a funny mix-up where I was served a manly sub while a handsome guy at the next table got my club sandwich complete with frilly toothpicks. What a way to meet! If only I had been younger and sexier at the time, but my heroine will be.
Have I ever had writer's block? Nope (and may it never happen to me). Why? Because, I repeat, ideas are everywhere-from an overheard conversation in a cafeteria to imaging what happened to your high school crush (Goals for a Sinner). My biggest problem is not having enough time to get all the stories in my head written down. My New Year's wish for every writer reading this post is that you have the same good problem of abundant ideas in the coming year!