Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Better Late than Never

     I have to admit, I forgot all about blogging this month, and here we are half way through November.  It has been a busy month with second edits to complete for the controversial Son of a Sinner and working on the new book, She's a Sinner. If you want to hear even more about the brouhaha over Son, you'll have to check my other blog at Otherwise, I am done with it. My last out of print book, Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball, has been recommended for contract and should be out again in March, so no need to pay $96 for it on Amazon.
     The highlight of the month was our local RWA chapter's Readers' Luncheon. As usual, we had great food (this is Louisiana after all), lots of door prizes and great raffle baskets. I won one of those with enough Christmas supplies and chocolate to get me through the holiday season. Attendance was lighter than usual and with that, fewer sales, but I was happy to sell one Sinners book, one Roses book, one Cajun romance, and one stand alone.  Doesn't sound like much but often people will continue to read the series leading to other sales on Amazon and the Nook. I gave out hunky guy posters and yellow roses as promotional items hoping people will order my books later.
     Best of all, I got to meet readers and commune with other authors. One had the same problem with her publisher as I'd had over Son. Another author, far better known than me, agreed to give me a cover quote, something I am very shy about asking for. It's the only thing I am shy about. I offered her a free copy of one of my books, and she said she'd already read it and others I'd written. Now isn't that a boost to the ego? And no, I don't think she was lying, so don't try to burst my balloon like the person who told me fans at Romantic Times only said they loved my books to get swag. Poor them as I had nothing to give but a few postcards having left the foam footballs in my room. I do find the best way to boost your sales is to go to affairs like this and actually meet readers face to face. Even if they don't buy, you can still have fun and good food and win a raffle basket.
     So, not my most exciting blog to date. I can see the holidays bearing down on me like a locomotive on a pickup truck stuck on the rails. I am sure you feel the same. Happy Holidays to all and don't get crushed beneath the weight of them.