Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Limited Palates

I am not much of a joiner but I find myself a member of groups, two art, one writing and one historical. After one of these meetings, we generally go out to lunch. Like most groups, we usually ended up at the same spot, not my favorite, but okay. Recently the place closed sending the members into lengthy discussions after each meeting as to where to eat. I suggested a barbecue place. We went there. One member complained that they only had barbecue (well, duh), another that she never ate in places like this. I pity her. Dives always have the best 'cue. Next week, they look at me again for a suggestion. I recommend a local cafeteria known for its $6.95 plate lunches - a meat, three sides and a bread, lots of variety. One member wouldn't go because she couldn't order off a menu, another because she never went into places like that (again). Third week, I suggested a vast Chinese buffet which also has American selections aplenty. One member says she never eats Chinese, another says she has never been in "that place". I gave up and went home to eat my leftover barbecue - and it was good.

So what does all this have to do with romance writing? Some people will never try anything different. They are stuck in the same eating and reading ruts. They only read mysteries or literary novels. Read a romance novel, and they just might die of word poisoning. As a librarian, I made myself read in genres I did not care for in order to be able to recommend some of these authors to my patrons. Don't care much for inspirationals as most seem unrealistic, but I did find some writers I liked. I try to tell folks romance has a huge range from sweet to erotic. It won't hurt to try one for a change. Who knows, they might even come back for second helpings.