Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hyperactive Orphan and KDP

It's a horrible moment when six published books disappear from Amazon, at least in their e-book form. Paperbacks of my works are still floating around advertised at $35 collectibles or $10 used but in good condition copies, but basically, I don't bother to check my Amazon ranking anymore. It has gone from a once best of 19,000 (not bad out of two million) into the stratosphere of high numbers. Only Goals for a Sinner, my first book, remains available. It is trying hard, but as it has been heavily read and just can't hold up my once proud status alone.  My response to all this--get something else published fast, many several somethings if possible. I am the Hyperactive Orphan.

As I mentioned, my first publisher, Wild Rose Press, welcomed me back. A Trashy Affair was all ready to go in June, so it is coming out first in one of those KDP deals with Amazon that is supposed to make me well-known and rich.  I do love Amazon, but am very skeptical this will happen especially since all my other books are out of print so the reader has nowhere else to go. However, I am grateful to get anything out there.  The release date in September 25, 2013 as a Kindle e-book only at a deeply discounted price of $2.99, later to be $5.99.  Three months later, it will go World Wide as if folks in other countries actually read my books. Even the Russians I suspected of using this blog for sinister purposes are gone right now. That's what being orphaned does, you lose even quesitonable friends.

I also submited the start of the new bull rider series, The Convent Rose.  Its edits are done and I've received one of those yowzah covers with a pretty sexy shirtless cowboy on the cover. He is posing for the artist who is his love interest, the very ethereal Eve Burns, his complete opposite. Worth the price just for the cover, but no galley or release date yet. Not able to stop myself in the quest to be published again, I submitted the second book in this series, A Wild Red Rose, and await the word on that.

Love Letter for a Sinner, the fifth of the Sinners series, was also accepted and has completed its edits, cover in progress.  One would say with four books coming out in 2013-2014, I should now relax and watch my Amazon status climb again, but sadly none of my previously printed works have been restored yet.  Prospects are looking good for Wish for a Sinner ( the second in the series) and a request for contract has been put in. I'm never easy until the paperwork is signed. Then, I will proceed to try to do the same for Kicks for a Sinner and Wish for a Sinner. Trouble is books previously published will not sell as well since they have been out and presumably read for a while. Thus, they are a harder to a convince a publisher to take. However, if the Amazon KDP works as I am told it will, maybe people will want this now well-known but not rich author's back list. I'm hoping.