Thursday, September 10, 2015

She's a Sinner

My newest Sinners book, the second in the Sinner's Legacy series dealing with Joe Billodeaux's many children, was released yesterday. Placekicker Tom Billodeaux meets his match in Alix Lindstrom, a tall, strong young woman who wins the position of punter on the team. Not only did I gain a lot of new knowledge about punting while doing the research for this book, but I had so much fun imagining what adding a woman to an NFL roster would entail. Alix is the NFL's first female player, and all sorts of problems crop up because no rules are in place.

First of course is locker room etiquette.  Where is Alix going to change and shower at the practice field, at the Dome, and after away games?  Tom with his experience of many sisters helps design a private bathing area for their new punter who will lead the team from the field, pass through the locker room, and go straight to her own shower.  Away games?  She takes a waiting vehicle back to the hotel immediately. And what about language?  I had the best time creating a "sexual sensitivity" class all the guys were required to attend and asked to clean up their words. Alix must attend her own session on how to deal with her male companions.  Declining to turn them in for infractions against her, she works to earn the respect of her teammates, some of whom don't want her to succeed.

Others welcome Alix, none more than Tom who is smitten at first sight. Imagine, a tall blonde who understands every aspect of kicking.  While Alix thinks of herself as a big and clunky female jock, more than one fellow on the team finds her attractive. Are there any rules about dating a teammate?  Not yet.  Tom doesn't move fast enough and is nearly shut out by another player. What about marriage?  Nothing to stop them, but Tom ponders, what if he gets a football player pregnant for the first time in history, and she cannot honor her contract?  Would this situation be treated the same as an injury?  Lots of questions came to mind, and I didn't answer all of them.

I do hope you will enjoy meeting Alix.  She's a Sinner is on sale this week of September 9, 2015 only for $3.00 at Check out the great cover by Diana Carlile there or on Amazon or barnes&  Write a review for me if you find the book engaging. Thanks.