Friday, October 4, 2013

Orphan Update

Contracts are coming in thick and fast now to my delight.  I've signed two to bring Wish for a Sinner (I admit it is my favorite of the Sinners series so far) and Kicks for a Sinner back into existance with Wild Rose Press. New covers will soon be available, and I can't wait to see them as this press has done a fine job of finding gorgeous men who fit the roles of my imaginary football players. One artist went out of her way to change brown eyes to blue for me. I've learned that cover art does not follow a book unless you are willing to pay for it, but as the publisher is doing this for free, I didn't take that option.  Love Letter for a Sinner, the newest in the Sinners series, is all ready to go for a spring release.

The new bullrider series, The Roses, is coming along well, too, with the first, The Convent Rose, having completed editing and gone to galleys.  Yes, I know, a strange title and series for cowboy books, but allow me to explain.  Newly retired bullrider, Bodey Landrum wants a classy wife, not just some ordinary buckle bunny. He sets his sights on Even Burns, a convent-schooled, ethereal artist, his complete opposite. Bodey thinks of her as his pure white convent rose, but Eve does surprise him in many ways. Look for it in 2014. The second book, A Wild Red Rose, is underconsideration. This one deals with a rodeo bullfighter who loves to gentle spoiled animals, and his wild red rose is a woman who falls into this category. Since this woman is on the lookout for a rich husband,he cannot let her know he is heir to a fortune while he teaches her better ways.

Not eager to put all my eggs into one basket anymore, I also have A Taste of Bayou Water, a Cajun contemporary romance, coming out in November with Wings e-Press. It takes place in the same setting as my Mardi Gras books, the little Louisiana village of Chapelle. When billionaire Jonathan Hartz arrives in town to find a site for a technology plant , he also finds a woman to love. Unfortunately, neither her brother nor his personal assistant agree and try to break them apart. Jon, however, is undaunted and will try to become Cajun for the sake of the woman he wants to marry. Yes, lots of humor in this one.

Lastly, A Trashy Affair, is out as a Kindle Select Edition. One of my best books, it is available for $5.99 only on the Kindle with a worldwide release on January 24, 2014 in all formats.  This ploy has not made me rich and famous yet by the way, but there is still time if as we say in the South, all y'all buys it. At 92,000 words, you get your money's worth. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble has a strong presence in our area. You can't walk in the store without being tempted to buy a Nook and all my friends here have them.  Then, there are folks like me who will always wait for the softcover because we love the feel of books in ours hands and the lack of eye strain they offer.

End of pitches and updates.  Positive reviews are welcome if you've read or will read any of the above. Amazon assures me my reviews will follow the new editions. Now, if only I could get rid of the one I really hate!