Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Mysteries of Amazon

I am still tickled at having Goals for a Sinner listed on and admit to signing in just to stare at my cover once or twice a day. The copy offered for $1,000 has vanished along with a $36 used copy bargain. Does having someone else's DNA on a book make it more valuable as the new product is available for twelve? Somehow, I doubt if these copies have sold. Now, the highest price offered is $15 new, about right if you include postage, but the best thing about this posting is the description, "Huge seller with millions of transactions". I gather it is being sold overseas, but I can't wait to see my royalty statements. LOL. Perhaps, they are merely describing their company, but that's not the way I read it. Also appreciate those five star reviews, really.

Now for another mystery of Amazon. For about a week, only one copy has been in stock. If you order in the next nine hours and thirty-six minutes, it can be yours in less than two days. I'd love to think someone wants Goals so badly they would order immediately, but alas the offer remains. Will someone order the fricking last copy so Amazon will reorder? I have noticed that one sale can change my ranking from 339,000 to 214,000 just like that. But, I am not looking at those numbers, I swear.

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