Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Book Signing Ever

We didn't call it a book signing, but went for the autograph party because that's what it was. My children roared into town bearing with them red and black Sinners' football jerseys and two red velvet cakes, one shaped like a book with my cover embossed on it in edible film. Confused? Goals for a Sinner tells the story of a fictional football team named the Sinners whose colors are red and black. A romance evolves between a wide receiver and sports photogapher, Stevie Dowd.

So,we suited up in our jerseys, did a team hand clasp, and got started. Eventually, foam footballs bounced off the walls of the bookstore. Friends visited and stayed awhile for the fun. I did not remain behind the book table but cut cake and begged people to take it, assuring them they did not have to buy a book if they ate it. Still, no takers among strangers who entered. One old woman who came to browse looked at our frolic with disapproval. Even a group of four Goth teens passed on the cake heeding their parents' advice never to take sweets from strangers-or maybe they would have preferred blood. Don't know. We gave out extra pieces to be taken home to spouses and still had cake left at the end of the event.

Oh yes, we did sell books, at least a dozen though I lost count in the sheer giddiness of the moment. If we had sold only one copy, this still would have been the Best Book Signing Ever-family, friends, food and fun. No stuffy book signing for us. I doubt I will ever have a better one. Thanks so much to my children, my long suffering husband, and Howard and Lorraine Kingston of Books Along the Teche for making this a moment to remember.

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