Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm nearly out of black ink for my printer again. Might I suggest the classic gift for an author of a couple of ink cartridges and reams of good white paper? To be honest, I do nearly all my writing, editing, and submissions by computer and use the printer mostly for my drafts. You can never have too many backups of any kind. So, how about a nice titanium thumb drive or other off-computer storage device to guard against viruses and meltdowns? Doesn't have to be titanium, but I like the idea of owning something made of space ship material. A laser printer would be dandy, too, but costly and not really necessary to your success as a writer. Still, laser anything is cool: printer, hair removal, surgery if needed.
The second you sign a contract, a request will appear asking for a promotional photo. My last good picture was taken six years ago and so I sent that. Budding authors, you might want to hint for a photo sessions with your best local photographer. I did and got new pics for my birthday. Sad that I now look older, but my best feature, my smile, remains the same. Warning: this can get expensive as it is probably a good idea to purchase the copyright to the photos as well.
And the best gift you can give any published author-buy their book and tell them how much you love it.


  1. "laser anything is cool: printer, hair removal, surgery" so true and so funny! This is a great post. Just yesterday I had to run out to buy a new printer cartridge. From a coupon in the Sunday paper I discovered that Walgreen's does cartridge refills for $12 -- I had a coupon and it was only $10. Normally my black ink cartridges are $20/$25 and color are like $35/40.

  2. Thanks for laughing, Lynn. I finally posted those pictures. The serious one is probably the best because when I smile my chin doubles, but my husband says serious just isn't me. Good tip on the ink cartridges, too. Truly, I wrote my first book in pencil on a tablet and typed it on a manual Olivetti, so much cheaper than today.