Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why am I blogging?

After ten years of writing and five years of trying to get published, the incredible happened. I have a book coming out May 21, 2010, GOALS FOR A SINNER, the fifth of fourteen novels. I'm told authors must blog, so here goes. GOALS is a short contemporary football romance, sort of an appetizer to be consumed while waiting for the next Susan Elizabeth Phillip's novel to come out. She simply doesn't write fast enough for me, so I did two of my own out of admiration for her work, but not an imitation of it. We have very different styles. The idea for my book came to me as I watched the Panthers lose the Super Bowl back in 2004 with that darned two point conversion try. If only they had gone for the tie. A sad occasion in more than one way since my dad had just died, and being a Panthers fan, he would have loved seeing that game despite the sad ending. So, while sitting with my bereaved family eating strombolis and missing Janet's wardrobe malfunction since I went for a bathroom break during her performance, I made up another team struggling to get to the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Sinners.
The Sinners manage to win two imaginary Super Bowls, and GOALS was a finalist in two contests, Cleveland Rocks and CTRWA Connections, but when submitted to agents and editors of romance novels, the usual reply came back, "We do not do football novels and so have not read your work." Thank heaven for the open minds at The Wild Rose Press and my wonderful editor there, Cindy Davis, who loves and understands both football and romance. I hope the Panthers get another chance, too.

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