Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life Happens

I finished the galleys for GOALS and sent off two other manuscripts for consideration before leaving on a long-planned two week vacation to Yellowstone in mid-August. Back from that magnificent place, I went in for my annual checkup and ended up with a breast cancer scare that consumed another week with tests, all negative, thank heaven. Then, I had to supply all the copy for my new web site and make a few dozen decisions regarding that. Four weeks gone and not a word added to my WIP.
Then, the local Sugar Cane Festival started where I volunteered as a judge escort for the art show. School tours began at the ante-bellum home where I am guide. My copier broke. More decisions to make. My left rear tire blew out on the way home from a Heart of Louisiana, RWA meeting in Baton Rouge, thankfully not on the Atchafalaya causeway. A kind diesel mechanic at a truck stop/mini-casino in Grosse Tete changed it for me, even finding me a used tire in the scrap heap because my spare had a big hole in it. Tomorrow, I can look forward to buying tires and sitting around while they rotate and replace the old ones.
Six weeks gone and no work on a WIP that had been dropping off the pen or into the computer like mad before I left on vacation. Life happens. Maybe I'll write this week.

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