Thursday, October 5, 2017


     On Friday, October 6th, I'll be extensively interviewed on Char's RadReads.  If interested, be sure to check this out--and leave a comment or questions if you will.  Enjoy!


  1. I don't exactly know how I feel about the lineage, (having the last name of "Joyce"), but it is certainly interesting.
    One of the best friends I ever had lived for many years in Iceland and loved it, except for in the winter when the wind blew so hard, she had to go out and help hold children down while they waited for the school bus. She was diagnosed with cancer while there and fully credited the Icelandic doctors for her full recovery.
    I saw the king Tut exhibit nearly 30 years ago in Denver.It was incredible. The fully-pure gold they used has a fantastic color, doesn't it? Along with the deep blue of the lapis lazuli.

  2. This is a new exhibit with mostly replicas as the originals no longer travel.The reproductions including whole shrines and all the mummy cases are remarkable. They introduce each room of the tomb with a short film, then you step inside and see it as Carter did, then as each shrine and case was opened, a new take and very well done. And yes, the Icelanders have excellent socialized medicine from cradle to grave and free education up through college, plus those $50 utility bills.I could live there if not for the winters. Pretty bitter and windy in September, too, and not as much snow as people would suppose. In fact, the northern most town was the warmest thanks to the Gulf Stream passing by. Interesting place to visit.