Monday, October 26, 2009

Suspense versus Romance

My older daughter does not read romance. She prefers suspense novels, the kind with creepy stalkers and gruesome murders, the kind that give me nightmares. She finally broke down and read the first two chapters of GOALS FOR A SINNER offered on my web site,, and remarked that nothing much happened in the story. Well, the heroine is tackled by two football players, ends up in the hospital, and meets the man who had a crush on her in high school. That's quite a lot actually, but true, no bodies dropped from the ceiling. No one was stabbed, stalked or done away with in an original manner. I had to explain that romances are about relationships. Hopefully, the reader will like the characters enough to want to follow their story and see them get together in the end. My stories should make you smile or even laugh, chuckle or chortle. They are a source for good dreams. If I've done that, I've done my job.


  1. I have a reading taste similar to your daughter's. I've tried to read romance novels that friends have written, but it's difficult for me to truly immerse myself in the story. Luckily, your genre has a huge built-in audience. No need to flip those of us who are "suspense lovers" -- you just need to target the "love lovers"! I know it will be a hit! Lynn Lamousin

  2. Hey Lynn. Great hearing from you. Sorry I missed the meeting, but we'll catch up at the Christmas party. We've got a contract for WISH FOR A SINNER to post on the web site.